Getting Started

Watch this video to guide you through the first steps of SharpFlow.

Designing a Workflow

Watch this video to learn how to create, edit and configure a workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ticket?
How can I divide or detail work of a given ticket?
Can I make use of workflows?
Setting more than one Initial workflow step
How to create and add members to a project
Does Sharpflow has any kind of calendar?
Setup a Gmail account to use as a Project's email account
Can I integrate with Google Analytics
After I've created my SharpFlow can I change the web address?
Is it possible to adapt or modify an Issue title after creation?
I already have a information system but I'm interested in making use of SharpFlow.
Is it possible to manage different types or natures of Issues?


User Guide

User manual is available for download here.

Aid in managing projects

Specific tutorial on how SharpFlow can help and ease Project Management is available for download here.

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User Feedback

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Exclusive Support

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Secure access to all features and commands of SharpFlow, making use of SharpFlow Restful Services provides total control and automation. Contact-us about the technical documentation.